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Flanked by backwaters and the teeming city of Kochi, Maharaja's College is located in an expansive ten acre verdant campus. Maharaja's germinated as an elementary English school in 1845 and it was in 1875 that the institution became a regular college. From its inception to 1925, it was called The Ernakulam College and in 1925, on the completion of fifty fruitful years, it was rechristened Maharaja's College. Right from its beginning the College has constantly scaled heights in academic and co-curricular activities. The college offers 20 undergraduate and 20 postgraduate programmes besides a few career-oriented add-on courses with a student strength of around 2600. Doctoral research facilities are offered by 12 departments.

The College building with its meandering corridors and wide doors and specially designed windows was declared as a heritage structure by the Government of Kerala in 2007. Two academic buildings were added later to the main block. The College ground has been given a facelift with the laying of a synthetic track with international standards and the creation of an athletic health club with the assistance of the Sports Council. The College library with a vast collection of rare books is in the process of automation. Apart from department libraries, teachers, research scholars and students are provided with INFLIB NET facility. ICT linked learning is another attraction. Every department has smart class rooms. Besides a central computing facility, many departments have separate computer labs. Internet facility is provided to students free of cost. With regard to waste management, a Green Campus Initiative is in progress. There are 30 ICT-enabled smart classrooms, modernized laboratories, Seminar Hall, Language Lab and EDUSAT facilities. Debates, discussions, quizzes, peer teaching, etc., are practiced to make the teaching-learning process more student-centric. Centralized internal examination and post-test interaction with parents is a regular feature. Student evaluation of teachers is regularly carried out. The College has introduced a special program for differently-abled students. Remedial coaching to weaker students funded by Cluster of colleges, tutorial system and training for UGC/NET/JRF aspirants, are other highlights.

Maharaja'sCollege is a Centre of Excellence and a College with Potential for Excellence, two titles conferred on it by the Government of Kerala and the UGC respectively on account of its commendable academic performance and co-curricular achievements. NAAC reaccredited the College with A grade in 2006. It was reaccredited (third cycle) by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council in 2013 at 'A' level. The College has been performing well in the Mahatma Gandhi University youth festival, invariably winning prizes. In the case of NET/ SET/JRF/GATE too, the performance of the College has been gratifying. This premier centre of higher education, one of the oldest in Kerala is the headquarters of the Ernakulam Cluster of Colleges, an autonomous body set up chiefly to share the resources of a few select colleges in and around the city.

Mission & Vision


To provide Human Resource Development at Under Graduate and Postgraduate levels with multi- optional facilities in 18 different disciplines.

  • To motivate urban, semi-urban and rural youth towards further pursuit of knowledge.
  • To motivate urban, semi-urban and rural youth towards further pursuit of knowledge.
  • To motivate urban, semi-urban and rural youth towards further pursuit of knowledge.


To provide quality education to youth from all sections of society, especially the deprived and disadvantaged, and to mould them into responsible citizens capable of serving the nation.

College Crest

On a background of dark blue are an upright anchor, an open umbrella, and a lightened lamp over the motto, 'Vidyayamruthamasnuthe'.

The anchor suggests location near the sea, a harbour. It is symbolic of safety, stability and dependability.

The umbrella is taken from the coat of arms of the erstwhile Cochin State. It is symbolic of status and protection.

The lamp is almost exclusively of the Malabar type. With its reservoir it symbolizes confidence. Its light suggests knowledge or enlightenment, and the rays are symbolic of diffusion of knowledge.

The motto in Sanskrit, 'Vidyayamruthamasnuthe', is taken from the Vedas and means that knowledge,


College History


To provide Human Resource Development at Under Graduate and Postgraduate levels with multi- optional facilities in 18 different disciplines.


BA 'Honours' Course in Economics started


Re-accredited at 'A' level by NAAC


Research centre in Political Science approved


Re-accredited at ‘A’ level by NAAC


Maharaja's College has been declared autonomous from the academic year 2014-2015. Mahatma Gandhi University has authorised the college to carry out the UG and PG admissions under the autonomous system.

The admissions will be done on the basis of the existing regulations of MG University and government of Kerala regarding merit and reservation. Special provisions for those who excel in sports and cultural activities exist, as per the university norms.


More details regarding the Autonomous College status is given below:


List of Principals

  • Dr. K.N.Menon, Msc., Ph.D., A.I.I.Sc., A.R.I.C., F.A. Sc.1948 (incharge)
  • Sri. G.R Narayana Ayyar, M.A., L.T.1944-1947- 1948 (D.P.I) 1948-1950
  • Sri. P. Sankaran Nambiar, M.A (Hons.)1941 and 1943-1947
  • Sri K.Karunakaran Nair, M.A.1933, 1938, 1939, 1940-1943
  • Mr. H.R. Mills, M.Sc.1935-1940
  • Sri. K.Narasimha Pai, B.A., L.T.1930-1935
  • Sri. S.K. Subramania Ayyer, M.A., L.T.1922-1923 - 1926-1930
  • Sri V.R. Venkiteswara Ayyar, M.A., L.T1918-1926
  • Mr. Gyln Barlow1911-1914
  • Mr. K.Koshy, B.A1904
  • Mr. F.S Davis, B.A.1902-1911 - 1914-1918(D.P.I)
  • Mr. D.M. Cruickshank, M.A.1892-1902
  • Mr. A.F Sealy, M.A1875-1892

College Anthem

മഹാരാജ കലാലയമേ, മഹാരാജ കലാലയമേ,
വിജ്ഞാനത്തിൻ വിഭൂതി ചാർത്തിയ വിശ്വകലാലയമേ.

അറബിക്കടലിൻ റാണിക്കൊരു തൊടു കുറിയായ് വിലസി വിരാജിക്കേ,
അമരന്മാർ ഗുരുഭൂതന്മാരവർ നിരവധി നിൽപ്പൂ നിൻ മക്കൾ.

സാഗര തിരകൾ ഏറ്റുമുഴക്കിയ സ്വാതന്ത്ര്യത്തിൻ സ്തുതി ഗീതം,
അമ്മേ നിൻ മണി മുറ്റത്തല്ലോ ആദ്യമുണർത്തീ നിൻ മക്കൾ.

അടിമത്വത്തിൻ കൊടികളിറക്കി പകരം നമ്മുടെ കൊടിയേറ്റി,
അമ്മേ നിന്നുടെ നടുമുറ്റത്ത് നമ്മൾ രചിച്ചൂ പുതു ഗാഥ, ഭാരത മോചന സമര കഥ.

ചങ്ങൻപുഴയും വൈലോപ്പിള്ളിയും ജീയും മറ്റു മഹാകവികൾ,
ഭാഷാകവിതയിൽ നവ മോഹനമാം ഭാഷ്യം തീർത്തവർ അമരന്മാർ.

കലയുടെ നൂപുര ശിഞ്ജിത മേളം കമലദളങ്ങൾ വിടർത്തുമ്പോൾ,
സാഗര സീമകൾ താണ്ടിയ കോവിതർ സാദരമേകുന്നഭിവാദ്യം.



Maharajas College, Ernakulam, 682011 Kerala, India.

Principal: +91-484-2363038
Office: +91-484-2352838
Fax : +91-484-2363038

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