Maharaja's College



Mission & Vision


To provide Human Resource Development at Under Graduate and Postgraduate levels with multi- optional facilities in 18 different disciplines.

  • To motivate urban, semi-urban and rural youth towards further pursuit of knowledge.
  • To equip them to serve the nation in its march towards self-sufficiency and progress in all areas of human endeavor.
  • To ensure that our knowledge and expertise serve the needs of the society at large through multi-pronged extension activities.


To provide quality education to youth from all sections of society, especially the deprived and disadvantaged, and to mould them into responsible citizens capable of serving the nation.

College Crest


On a background of dark blue are an upright anchor, an open umbrella, and a lightened lamp over the motto, 'Vidyayamruthamasnuthe'.

The anchor suggests location near the sea, a harbour. It is symbolic of safety, stability and dependability.

The umbrella is taken from the coat of arms of the erstwhile Cochin State. It is symbolic of status and protection.

The lamp is almost exclusively of the Malabar type. With its reservoir it symbolizes confidence.
Its light suggests knowledge or enlightenment, and the rays are symbolic of diffusion of knowledge.

The motto in Sanskrit, 'Vidyayamruthamasnuthe', is taken from the Vedas and means that knowledge,

Maharaja's College

Ernakulam, 682011
Kerala, India.

Principal: +91-484-2363038
Office: +91-484-2352838
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